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Over the course of our lives, one of the primary reasons we work is to accumulate and build wealth. Whether it is a home, retirement savings, vehicles, land, oil and mineral rights, precious personal possessions, etc. you have worked your whole life to obtain these assets. Unfortunately, without taking the right steps, these assets you worked so hard for can be put to risk the moment you pass away. Things like public probate, court-appointed guardians, beneficiary disputes, unclear directives, lost or undefined records, etc. can all lead to massive fees, unexpected costs, and countless hours/days of time spent which cannot be made up for.

As concerning as all of this is, these burdens can all be avoided simply by implementing a comprehensive estate plan. The need for an estate plan is not dependent upon having a certain amount of assets, or accumulating a specific amount of wealth. Simply put, an estate plan is for anybody who wants to ensure a smooth and efficient transition for their loved ones, once he or she has left this world.

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Knowing what your estate consists of, how it will be managed, and in what manner it will be distributed are extremely important factors when it comes to developing a secure plan for your estate. Our primary objective is to get to know our clients before we begin discussing any estate specifics, so we can better understand what is important to you and your family. This allows for a more intimate approach as we develop a plan geared towards maximizing value, minimizing taxes, avoiding probate, and efficient distribution.




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Let's talk about the big elephant in the room... death. Nobody likes to talk about dying, let alone their loved ones dying, but in all reality it is one of the more important topics you can discuss. Why you might ask? Whenever somebody dies, they leave behind what is referred to as an "estate". An estate is defined as the net worth of a person at any point in time, alive or dead. It is the sum of a person's assets – legal rights, interests and entitlements to property of any kind – less all liabilities.

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