As an independent insurance agency representing several large insurance companies, we are not restricted to only one provider. This allows us the distinct advantage of being able to evaluate multiple plans offered by each company, without any conflict.  In doing so we are able to present our clients with the plan that is sufficient in protecting their family, income, lifestyle, and future. 


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Retirement Guarantees in Uncertain Times: the power of one of the industry's strongest minimum guarantees - find out about the protection and growth potential an indexed annuity can provide. 







Annuities are insurance based products that are designed to provide modest growth while prioritizing safety of principal. Although not all types of annuities guarantee safety of principal (see: Variable Annuities), at Equity Financial Group we only offer our clients annuities that will keep their original investment in-tact*. It is our goal to protect your cost basis all while allowing for potential of growth, which is why we specialize in Fixed and Indexed Annuity products.

At Equity Financial Group, we pride ourselves on only answering to our clients and their needs. To keep philosophy in tact, we operate as an independent agency, meaning we are not held captive by a large insurance company. This gives us the adavantage of being able to conduct business and shop annuity products and rates, with multiple companies. In doing so, not only do we eliminate any sort of bias, but we provide our clients with greater choice and the opportunity for the most competitive rates and benefits. 


FLEXMARK SELECT:  A fixed index annuity that lets you choose how you enjoy your retirement.


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