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Maximize Your Savings Potential with Exciting Opportunities!

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In the world of savings and investment, grabbing opportunities that offer a substantial return is key. That's why we're excited to bring to your attention two different ways to grow your money - including a 13%* Premium Bonus, and also impressive MYGA rates of up to 6.00%GTD Yield.

The MYGA rates offer a fixed interest rate for the term of the contract, ensuring that your investment is not subject to the volatility of the market. This is an excellent chance for those who prefer stability and predictability in their investment portfolio.

And the 13% Premium Bonus? It's an added advantage to one of the fixed-indexed annuities we offer, enhancing the value of your investment right from the start.

We're here to guide you through the details! Simply visit, and reach out to us via our Contact Us Form. We're committed to providing you with comprehensive information, and can promptly send you resrouces to provide more details about some of the products featuring these benefits.


*Rates and bonuses are not guaranteed and may change based on the carrier's discretion. Eligibility for these offers may be subject to age and initial premium requirements. The premium bonus pertains to a Fixed Indexed Annuity, distinct from the advertised MYGA rates, each with its own terms and benefits. For comprehensive details, inquiries, or to confirm current rates and terms, please contact Equity Financial Group at All offerings subject to regulatory compliance and licensing stipulations.


How Do Fixed-Indexed Annuities Work?


"When you purchase a fixed-indexed annuity, you have the opportunity to select from indexed strategies that offer you the opportunity to earn interest based, in part, on market performance without the risk of market loss."

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